24 May 2008

WARNING! monetary woes implied within

i wish someone would ask me to help edit their magazine or whatever, but only when i felt like it and if i wasn't around for like seven months i could just come back around again and start doing it again and then stop again if i wanted, or if i just disappeared or whatever. it would be great, and also if this position was a position and if i got paid money for it.

the title of this poem is implied

my plan is to become more famous
because i don’t want to end up living in my car
in santa monica
with my dog
because i don’t have a car
or a dog
and santa monica is a long way away,
to get there
would require a lot of monetary resources
which i already demonstrated
my lack of
at the beginning of this poem
it was implied

every moment is a unique snowflake

i know i have to clean the dishes
i am sitting in a room
there is tiramisu in the refrigerator
i am thinking about it
i am thinking about the food and dirt on the dishware in the sink
some of it is from the tiramisu that i ate this morning
and some of it is from the stir fry that i had at lunch
i have wanted to drink either coffee or wine for the past couple of hours
but could not decide which
so i am drinking nothing
and i feel better i think than if i had been drinking one of those two beverages
but it’s hard to know
because each moment is unique
and valuable
like a snowflake falling to earth
from heaven

if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
please contact me at matthewsavoca @ gmail.com