14 July 2008

this happened recently and i thought you should know

you said, “i’m unhappy, we’re unhappy”

“that is not true,” i said

“why are you saying this?” i said

can we go into the room with the fan in it?

what is the point?

so we will be less hot

when we got into the fan room, i turned on the fan

“do you want to take a walk,” i said

“okay,” you said

we left the apartment and walked up the street

after a while, we came back and did other things

we made dinner

then we watched a movie

later we were lying in bed

you said, “hug me”

we lied diagonally on the bed

we said, “the room looks different this way,

things are different”

“i’m not unhappy,” you said,

“just confused sometimes”

“when you touch me, it amplifies what i am feeling,” i said

“are you crying?” you said

“no,” i said

you moved closer to me and we lied still for a long time

my mouth made a noise

“i made a noise,” i said

“i knew it would wake you up,” you said

the fan blades turned and air moved over us

“we should lie straight again,” you said

“okay,” i said
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