17 November 2008

i am alive, here i am

i am wearing a purple shirt with little yellow lines, vertical lines are supposed to make you look slender and attractive, i am concerned about male pattern baldness

there are a lot of things i never told you

there is a poem i wrote in the recent fou. read the poem here.

there was a poem i wrote in the october issue of zygote in my coffee, read it here

there are some poems i wrote coming out in the following places:
- word riot, identity theory, word for word, someplace else, rooms outlast us, i forget

there should be an ebook called tough! coming out soon maybe. i have been saying that for a long time
i'm sorry

i want to get a poetry manuscript published but i don't know what to do

positive energy


if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
please contact me at matthewsavoca @ gmail.com