28 February 2009

colin bassett is my friend

i wrote this poem from a
colin bassett poem in his self-published poetry chapbook when people talk to me i want to close my eyes

colin bassett is my favorite writer, i might rewrite the entire chapbook or just read it over and over and hold it near my head or put it under my pillow if i am using one


when people look at me i want to close my mouth and think about how i am going to see you later

i want to ask them to look away and then turn in your direction and look at you because i know you will be looking at me

but the person keeps looking at me and i want to look at you because i keep thinking about you looking at me

and then how you will look at me a certain way and it will be a way you have looked at me before

it will be a way that we looked at each other when we were in bed

or somewhere else where we could see each other and we didn't have to go anywhere or move anything or pretend that we were looking at someone else

if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
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