19 March 2009


my ml press chapbook ALTRUISM is now available for pre-order purchasing. this chapbook costs 2 dollars including shipping and will be mailed out on the 15th of may.

this chapbook is about 11 pages, it is a section of a long poem called long love poem with descriptive title which does not currently have a publisher. if it gets a publisher sometime, it will be called long love poem with descriptive title. and then will probably just be referred to as long love poem or poem.

other sections of this long love poem have been published in this feels like normal and i am being honest, both published by bearcreekfeed.

about ALTRUISM j.a. tyler said: 'the tramping abroad minimalism of matthew savoca'

there is a limited number of copies available

if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
please contact me at matthewsavoca @ gmail.com