20 September 2009

falling stars

to smash motherfuckers in their face

by jillian clark

i want to talk about jillian clark right now. i really like jillian clark. i like reading jillian clark's poems. there is never anything that i want to skip over or a sentence that i feel sorry for having read. i do not read her poems very fast just to get it over with. i really like reading her poems. i recently received and read her chap/ebook from bear creek feed called falling stars to smash motherfuckers in their face.

falling stars to smash motherfuckers in their face exists. it is made up of words and sentences that exist in proximity to each other like rocks on a dusty road. jillian doesn't try to do anything or to not do anything with the words and sentences in her poems. she says things and doesn't care if they sound good or bad or stupid or smart. sometimes things she says sound like one or more of these things, but it doesn't matter. jillian's poetry is like a rock that lays in the dirt not caring if you look at it or not.

jillian seems to know that things happen, that people think things and feel things and that whatever they are, they're okay, and that it's okay to talk about them in a way that is regular and honest; that things don't need to be perfect, that it's okay if you go on a safari and don't see every kind of african animal.

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