03 September 2009

gustaf, a mag

gustaf numero tre, il mio preferito

GUSTAF 3 has been printed. it is a print journal from oslo norway featuring a lot of really good writing, in my opinion. gustaf is probably my favorite literature venue ever so please buy a copy because audun spends his own money to print them and they look really nice and they have really nice literature and drawings inside them.

i have four poems in this issue which you will only get to read if you buy it or if someone gives it to you or if you ask someone who has it to type out the poems for you or if you ask me to, but, buy the issue! gustaf needs to have its appendages purchased if it is going to continue supporting literature and art.

here are the titles of my poems in this issue:
alone/not alone
i met an italian daytime drama actor
bad bad bad

that up top is an image of the cover, here in an image of what it looks like inside (click to enlarge):

if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
please contact me at matthewsavoca @ gmail.com