28 October 2009


this is the second part of my story called pEOPLE, of which the first part was recently in keyhole digest (go back two posts to see post about it):

Sally sold a rhinoceros sculpture to Danielle Steel.

Paul is autistic.

Angel thought he was Hispanic for a long time but then found out his parents were German.

Nemi accidentally sees condom packets at WaWa. When she gets home, she masturbates in the bathroom with the door locked.

At the shop, Angel hides amongst the inventory crates while the foreman walks the concrete calling his name.

Roy has five children and two of them have children. One of Roy's children is younger than her nephew.

Elizabeth bikes to the grocery store and buys more stuff than she can carry home. Outside mounting her bike, Liz feels pessimistic about her future.

Franklin mentally envisions his name all the time. He has conversations in his head in which great mysteries of the universe get solved and forgets to buy milk. At home his Darjeeling black tea is too strong.

Johan washes his feet in the bathtub and thinks about the effect walking barefoot has on the health of his long slender body. He has arguments ready if anyone should call him a hippie or a pussy.

An older man invites Francesca over for dinner. She walks down the hallway and knocks on his door.

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