12 September 2010

vincent gallo loves the color brown

i watched the brown bunny by vincent gallo the other night after not watching it for a really long time because many people told me it was stupid and ultimately pointless, but i finally realized that stupid and ultimately pointless is exactly what i'm into so i watched it and it wasn't at all stupid or ultimately pointless except in the way that absolutely everything at all is.

the faces vincent gallo makes in the first hour of the film while he drives across the country from new england to los angeles are entirely worth watching it.

as far as the famous scene at the end, well it makes plenty of sense if you actually watch the movie, what an idea!

i am such a fan of vincent gallo. i think i probably act 70% like myself and 30% of how i don't act is a repressed version of how 70% of vincent gallo acts in public. i think 30% of how vincent gallo doesn't act is probably 100% of how i do act in real life.

i really like this quote by vincent, even though it is pretty much 100% the opposite of my own personal approach to 'art':
"I told you, I'm an extremist. Even in art, if my work wasn't 50 times more interesting than me and my petty life, it would be useless."
here's another one:
"...But I like the color brown. Oh, and I don't eat dairy. And I sure do like the color brown. And pink. Pink and brown. If I had to choose, pink would lose."
and this:
"I'm the happiest the saddest guy in the world can be."

here is the movie trailer
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