28 February 2011

I am going to write this post with correct punctuation.

Ever since I started trying to get somewhat-respectably-published as a novelist I have been nearly completely unable to enjoy reading any novels at all. I'm not sure what this says about me. Probably that, inside, I am just a big competitive jerk. I bet there are other people this has happened to. I have read interviews with musicians in which it was apparent that they didn't really listen to much music any more.

It is probably my opinion that no one like me should try to succeed at anything they get enjoyment out of. So, basically, the opposite of how your mom always told you to find a job doing what you love to do. Eff that. This is why I am a carpenter. Some people tell me, "Oh, but that's what you love to do." And I have to tell them, "No, it is not." It is what I don't mind doing, and it is something that I can do pretty well and without too much negative impact coming back to me. So, yeah, that is good. It's a good situation that I am happy with, but, no, I do not love going into your house and putting in a hardwood floor for you. I'm sorry.

Somehow, where this has led me is here: writing novels is a very lonely thing that I choose to do because I enjoy doing it and I really wish that I didn't want to succeed at it, but I do because what I wish I could find somewhere are novels to read like the ones that I write but they aren't anywhere so I'm trying to put them there because there has to be a lot of other people like me in the world, or if not then that makes me one of the most unique humans on earth and my stories very valuable.

I'm juss sayin'.

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