26 August 2008

blah future blah, pale green things

i have a poem video on here explodes my giant face
. please watch the video. i will include the video here too, but please go to the page and watch the video and the other videos. there is a video there that i really like. it is by colin bassett, please watch it.

something else that exists is the wigleaf
"writers' playlist: autumn" that i contributed a track choice to which you can click here to read about or i will just paste what i wrote here, and you can click that link to read what other people wrote:

Pale Green Things by The Mountain Goats

I don't know if I relate or whatever with the major undercurrent or the lyrics as a whole in this song, but the tune, the music, the sound of it, the simplicity, the way his voice is projected, how I walk up and down my hallway in crisscrossing diagonal lines repeating the words, "she told me how you died at last, at last" – these are the reasons that this song is always coming out of my speakers. It goes great with a crisp cold air blowing your hair around as you move through the streets on your way to an ugly sweater party where you will find yourself repeating in your head the line, "and that morning at the race track was one thing I remembered."

another thing i can say right now is that i have a lot of poems and stuff coming out in the next two months or so, bye

if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
please contact me at matthewsavoca @ gmail.com