18 August 2008

blogging about other bloggers:
gena mohwish

i am going to tell you exactly what i do in the morning

right after i wake up, i feed the cat. then i turn on my computer. while my computer is turning on, i go to the bathroom. then i come back. i check my email. if i have email, i either respond to it immediately or i do not do that. then i check statcounter to see who has been looking at my blog, and unless something unusual has happened that makes me obsessed (for example, someone from korea looking at my blog 14 times overnight), i go into the kitchen and make coffee. the coffee that i make comes from costa rica usually. i make it in a hybrid of italian and american styles.

with my coffee, i go back to my computer and look at the screen while i drink some of the coffee which is too hot usually. then i type blakebutler.blogspot.com into the address bar of my firefox web browser. what happens next is that i read an extremely crazy but informative post that uses the word vagina or the word tit or the word dick in it somehow, if not in more than one way. i usually feel disturbed yet entertained by this post. sometimes i comment on the post and sometimes i do not. i almost always think in my head, “blake butler has lost it” or “blake butler is insane” and also “blake butler is not afraid of what anyone thinks.” i click on links and go to other pages. blake butler’s blog is how i find out about what is happening in the literature world because he always knows and knows early, somehow.

after that i look at cnn.com to see what has happened in the regular world while i slept. then i look at brandon scott gorrell’s blog and usually laugh at the post that is up even if though i probably already read it and laughed at it before. if it is a new post, then i read with attentiveness. then i go back to statcounter and click on some of the links of people who have recently viewed my blog. people used to view my blog from links on prathna lor's blog but then he took the link to my site away so that stopped. i got less people from canada looking at my blog for awhile but then prathna lor but my link back on his blog and now people from canada look at my blog again. i almost never look at tao lin’s blog except to check and see if he added my name to his link list, or if there is some “shit-talking” going on, although that seems to be such a regular occurrence now that it isn’t as interesting as it used to be, maybe. i do not look at noah cicero’s blog very often because it doesn’t really occur to me to do so, even though the term “noah cicero” carries a great deal of importance in my head for some reason. there are a lot of other blogs that i almost never look at. sometimes i randomly look at other blogs like the blog of shane jones or stephen daniel lewis or chelsea martin. when i say chelsea martin, all i think of is “chelsea martin condom girl.”

another blog that i look at regularly is jillian clarke’s blog. i like jillian’s blog. she is a young girl of like sixteen years old or something. she writes poems that i like. i don’t remember what i was doing when i was sixteen but i was probably listening to the dave matthew’s band and reading sphere by michael creighton. or something. if i had written a poem, it might have looked like this:

i made a fool of myself again
in gym class today
by following lance around everywhere
he is so cool
i can’t wait to get my driver’s license
so i can drive around
and yell out my window at people on the street
then laugh about it to myself, speeding away
do you think i will ever get taller?

a few weeks ago i got an email from a person named gena mohwish. gena said she was a friend of jillian’s and that jillian mentioned my name one day and that since then gena has been reading my blog and wanted to say that she liked it and hi and she also said something like, you probably don’t know who i am. i think gena is around the same age as jillian. i do not know much about gena. her blog has a white background with small black text. i think how a blog looks is very important. the appearance of gena’s blog gives me the feeling of seriousness in an unsarcastic manner. she has links on her blog to a lot of ‘serious literature writers,’ including me. gena uses abstraction quotes sometimes on her blog and she posts poems sometimes on her blog.

i asked gena some questions in a g-mail chat. here is what i decided to include:

me: tell me briefly and concisely your method of washing dishes
gena: i run the water a lot which is bad
i put soap in the water
i scrub them and rinse them
and set them aside
me: you fill up the sink with water?
gena: not really
i just run it

me: do you separate colors when doing laundry?
gena: i used to separate my jeans and shirts
but now i don't
so i guess that's a no

me: okay, do you make your bed?
gena: not on a daily basis

me: do you have collectibles in your house, and if you do, do you dust them, and if you do, how do you dust them?
gena: i used to collect beanie babies and i have some in my room, i don't think they require dusting

me: do you vacuum, sweep, or mop floors?
gena: i do all of the above
me: tell me about vacuuming, how do you do it? do you do all the hard surfaces first and then rugs, or room by room, or what?
gena: i vacuum the rugs first and then turn the setting on "low" and then vacuum the hard surfaces
i do that same method one room at a time

me: that is a very clear and good explanation, thank you. how do you wash windows? do you use paper towels, cloth towels... i hear newspaper is good for washing windows
gena: i wash windows with windex and i prefer to use paper towels but i use a lot so that makes me an even worse environmentalist, please don't even tell al gore about my ways
me: are you interested in how al gore cleans?
gena: i don't think so

me: say three words in a row right now that are related to each other somehow without thinking too much about it, please
gena: this is hard

me: i have one more question… if you could go speed dating with a room full of people from any century, which century would you choose?
gena: can it be a decade instead
me: ok
gena: 2080’s
me: good one

here is a link to other blogging about blogger articles, some of them are good, read them all to find out which ones are good

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