13 August 2008

i am going to cut up fruit and put it into a bowl for you

do you want to take a walk in a cemetery?

“there are hairline cracks in old water pipes

where dead bodies can seep in,” i said

“you are gross,” you said

“i’m serious,” i said

“did we bring a bottle?” you said

later we were lying in the bedroom

i was on the floor, you were on the bed

we stared at the ceiling

“i feel like a child,” you said

then you started crying

i came onto the bed and hovered over you

“i don’t know why i’m crying,” you said

“it’s okay,” i said

“are you my dad?” you said

“sure,” i said

“i feel just like a child,” you said
“i feel alone,” you said

then you cried again

later you felt better

and i made funny faces

do you remember how we used to do cemetery therapy
when it was really dark outside, and going away from the light
the deeper we got along that path the darker it seemed
dark enough to offset the adjustments ours brains made to the sizes of our pupils
and that one time that we came around the corner of that giant wall pretty fast
and saw that blinking red light that we thought went solid
right as that mean sounding dog barked as loud as he could?

that was fun

let’s scare ourselves right now

how should we do it?

i know!

let’s have sex without a condom

just kidding,

i meant make love, and also

you’re on birth control

let’s cook dinner with an oil that has a really low smoke point

using food ingredients that are not certified organic

just kidding,
you know i only mock things that i really love

like our dietary lifestyle choices

and movies starring sly stallone, such as

daybreak, stop or my mom will shoot, cobra, rocky IV, all the rambos, paradise alley, tango and cash, the party at kitty and stud’s, assassins, cliffhanger, lock up, judge dredd, and over the top

over the top was good, he drives a truck and works out his biceps at the same time

later we were eating dinner at the little table in the kitchen

i said, “you cried today because there are dead people at the cemetery”

“in a way,” you said

if your brother or sister, daughter or son is in the 4th grade and needs to pass art class, i will provide drawings of your choice for a small fee.
please contact me at matthewsavoca @ gmail.com